Precious Woodley, M.Ed
ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

About Me

Personal Mission Statement

To invest in myself to educate, motivate and inspire others to obtain the greatest version of themselves


Growing up as the "biggest" kid in class from height to weight, I turned other's opinion of my appearance as awkwardness into a unique boost of confidence; Big Fine was born. I recognized myself as a BigFine within my collegiate years and began my "at the time" weight loss journey in 2016. From 2016-2019, I tried many quick fix programs such as detox teas, low carb, weight loss drops, shake supplement, etc but nothing supported continued results because it didn't promote a lifestyle change. 

What I needed was a 360 transformation & that's what I achieved in 2020! Shifting perspectives and identifying my journey as a wellness journey helped me encompass all aspects of my life including physical, spiritual, mental & emotional. This journey steams from the inside out & catering to the root of my trauma through positive outlets such as therapy, exercise and healthy habits (pampering dates, meal prepping, reading, etc) has molded me into the Well Woman I am today. 

In January 2020, I stepped on the scale & I didn't like what I seen or how I felt, which put me in a great depression. Seven month later, I went for my yearly physical and realized I lost twenty-two pounds unintentionally from stress. However, I had survived 3 months of no full time income and a domestic violence relationship within that timeframe. By the end of summer, I needed an escape to be free from myself and my trauma. With God by my side, I begin to face fears head on, which began with trusting others. In July, I signed up for personal training and gained an accountability, networking & prayer partner (Declaimer: my request) and mentor. I started training twice a week to four times a week by the end of September. As my muscle memory craved exercise more, which also supported better recovery, I obtained a gym membership so I can go to the gym at my leisure. I then begin to work out five days a week from October to December and training one day a week. Within this year, I have increase my therapy from once to twice a week with one being in depth trauma related and changed my eating habits to a more cleaner, balanced lifestyle. Falling in love with the best version of myself, I fell in love with another layer of my purpose, which is helping others and obtained my personal training certification as the first of many certifications to come!

Over the course of 2020, I have lost the following and in return gained my whole life!

Weight: 77lbs down

Clothing Adjustments: Pants (26 to 18). Shirts (3X to XL). 

Measurements: Bust (12" down). Waist (14" down) Hips (7" down)

What's my secret? Hardwork + Dedication = Shattering glass ceilings

You have to do something you've never done to get results you've never had. I hope my story inspired you to make the choice to choose you by starting your wellness journey today!